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Citizenship Application Processing Times

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This tool is totally anonymous. We do not collect your Name or your IP Address or any other information that can identify you.

This estimate is based on the information provided by CIC as well as by private individuals on web-based public forums as well as submissions by's users, accumulated during the last 5 years. It will estimate your waiting time until your Citizenship Oath Date, which is when you receive your citizenship certificate. You can apply for a Canadian passport on the same day.

Application Submission Date

This is the date when you mailed your application form, supporting documents and the processing fee to Citizenship and Immigration Canada office, or the date when you plan to do it.

Selected Language

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On the application form you can choose any of the two official languages. You will receive all correspondence, as well as the Study Guide for your Citizenship Test in the chosen language.

Choose your Country of Origin

Checking the security background often depends on your country of origin. Contacting Canadian Embassy in your country may be required, and certain embassies have more requests than others and therefore may accumulate backlog and create delays.

Choose your Province of Residence

Slightly different processing times have been reported from different provinces. Citizenship test failure rates also vary by province.

In the last three years, did you travel outside Canada?

Never     1-3 times     More than 3 times
You may be required to fill in a so-called Residence Form, which would delay your application.

Instant Citizenship Test : Answer the following 7 questions by checking the boxes that correspond to correct answers.

Answer based on your current knowledge; do not look up answers on the internet or elsewhere.
  1. Canada Day is celebrated on
    August 14     June 1     July 1     January 11    
  2. Nova Scotia is
    a Prairie Province     a Pacific Province     an Atlantic Province     a Territory    
  3. Canada's Head of State is
    The President     The Queen     The Prime Minister    
  4. The longest Canadian river is
    St Lawrence     MacKenzie     Fraser    
  5. The current Premier of Alberta is
    David Alward     Kathleen Wynne     Dave Hancock    
  6. The only officially bilingual province is
    New Brunswick     Quebec     Nunavut    
  7. The capital city of Saskatchewan is
    Whitehorse     Regina     Saskatoon