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Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be helping LGBT Refugees

The minister of citizenship and immigration Jason Kenney announced a pilot where Canada will be assisting LGBT refugees persecuted in their home countries. In association with the Rainbow Refugee Committee, Canada will be sponsoring refugees from all over the globe. Kenney stated that immigration and citizenship department will be directing $100,000 CAD in assistance to […]

Marrying as an Established Canadian Citizen

No matter one’s country of residence, there are typically a number of ways in which citizens can get involved with the community at large and bring their own personality aspects and personal pasts to the substance of the nation. In Canada, opportunities for citizens to take part in social and political life abound, and joining […]

The Miracle Of a Nice Coup of Coffee

Every morning is a new adventure. Is the magical hour of the day, when your eyes are dancing in their sleep and your ideas maintain those cloudy thoughts of morpheus shapes. Our movements are almost mechanical at that hour, 7 AM is like a bliss. There is no better way to face the Canadian citizenship […]

How the Canadian Citizenship Test Changes Lives

Usually, a test is something that’s taken at the end of a learning period, and people hold little significance for the exam other than its ability to bestow a passing grade on the test-taker. But in some instances, tests can hold much greater meaning, and those that have to do with major life changes and […]