Citizenship Test Tips

Canada citizenship test tips

Canada citizenship test tips

While there is no guaranteed pass for the Canadian citizenship test in 2015 there are some excellent strategies for success that you can use to guide your process. When the time comes that you need to take the Canada citizenship test it’s important that you prepare for the 2015 citizenship test questions regularly so that […]

10 Most Common Mistakes on the Canadian citizenship test

10 Most Common Mistakes on the Canadian citizenship test

When facing the Canadian citizenship test candidates are suitable to make a number of mistakes that could modify the final outcome of the examination. In our studies we have categorized 10 most common mistakes candidates do. Canada is a constitutional Monarchy : Canada has a Queen and a Prime minister so there is no absolute monarchy. Queen […]


Community-driven training program for the Canadian citizenship test

All TestCanada users are asked to provide feedback at the end of their training. We examine your comments with great care, and endeavor to implement whatever improvements our users suggest. Nevertheless, we were looking for an additional way to obtain community feedback for our question bank. TestCanada is now working in association with TestGram, which […]

Canada Finally Updates the Citizenship Examination

Canada Finally Updates the Citizenship Examination

A few new changes in the Canadian citizenship test have come into effect since October 13 Operational Bulletin 244 was launched by the CIC. After the update of the resource book in March 2010 the CIC has made joined efforts to update all offices and make a smooth transition in between the old and new […]

The Benefits of Applying for Canadian Citizenship

Venturing to Canada as an immigrant is one of the most exciting lifetime experiences reported by many people who land on the nation’s shores or in its major cities and begin to seek out a new life establishment. Home to a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life, Canada has largely been settled by […]

Getting to Know Canadians as a New Citizen

In the presence of new people with distinct traditions and stories to tell, travelers and immigrants are likely to have a great deal to take in and consider. From new religious beliefs or languages to different cuisine choices and other daily elements, new places carry with them a number of new experiences, and the people […]

The Miracle Of a Nice Coup of Coffee

Every morning is a new adventure. Is the magical hour of the day, when your eyes are dancing in their sleep and your ideas maintain those cloudy thoughts of morpheus shapes. Our movements are almost mechanical at that hour, 7 AM is like a bliss. There is no better way to face the Canadian citizenship […]

Canada’s Citizenship Melting Pot

In some parts of the world, nations have existed for so many years that they’ve created an unmistakable and distinct culture and national identity. Visiting such countries can be thrilling, as the experience often offers the chance to learn new things about settled and established people, many of whom may be well-versed in folklore or […]