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Community-driven training program for the Canadian citizenship test

All TestCanada users are asked to provide feedback at the end of their training. We examine your comments with great care, and endeavor to implement whatever improvements our users suggest. Nevertheless, we were looking for an additional way to obtain community feedback for our question bank. TestCanada is now working in association with TestGram, which […]

Canada Finally Updates the Citizenship Examination

Canada Finally Updates the Citizenship Examination

A few new changes in the Canadian citizenship test have come into effect since October 13 Operational Bulletin 244 was launched by the CIC. After the update of the resource book in March 2010 the CIC has made joined efforts to update all offices and make a smooth transition in between the old and new […]

Putting in the Work to be a Canadian Citizen

Applying for citizenship in any country carries with it numerous challenges that may touch upon both logistical and personal issues. In Canada, immigrants are often encouraged to seek citizenship and add their own backgrounds and beliefs to the great mixture that has helped to make Canada the country it is today. Many Canadian citizens are […]

Discovering the Provinces with the Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian citizenship test is often surrounded by a whirlwind of paperwork, visiting government offices, and taking care of various duties and requirements in a bid to become a Canadian citizen. While the country is being studied in preparation for the test, and after new citizens have begun to establish their new homes, however, Canada’s […]