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The new version of the Canadian citizenship test, launched by the federal government starting March 15, 2010, is based on the new study guide called "Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship". The new manual contains several chapters, the largest of which is the chapter about Canadian history. Other chapters include Canada’s Economy, the Justice System, Federal Elections, Canadian Symbols, etc.

During the test, you will have 30 minutes to answer 20 multiple choice questions. If you make more than 5 mistakes, you will fail the test. Note that some questions - for example, questions about federal elections and voting procedures - are mandatory, meaning that even one single mistake can result in a failed exam. You get only one chance to write the citizenship test: if you fail, you will not be allowed to take the written test again.

Our website offers a unique training program which creates simulations of citizenship tests and allows you to memorize the required information quickly and easily. Our Basic Kit contains 300 questions and our Complete Kit - 500 practice questions. We only offer questions that have a high probability of being asked. More than 500 questions would only mean useless work for you. All of our questions are based on the new study guide, Discover Canada. Our Complete Kit also offers "Express Training": we selected just 200 questions that are extremely important and are most likely to show up on your test.

The best way to prepare is to take a Simulated Test first; our Advanced Result Analysis will immediately show your weaknesses and strengths. For example, if you see that most of your mistakes come from Chapter 10 (Canada’s Regions), you may want to review that chapter in more detail. offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case of failed test. Our training system is efficient and easy to use. You can start practicing immediately: your access key is delivered instantly to your email or your mobile phone. From our statistics we know that most people need 6-8 hours to complete our training. Our goal is to prepare you for the exam with minimum effort and as quickly as possible. Hundreds of new Canadians took our training and successfully passed their citizenship test.

Tip: Use printable questions in PDF format to study offline.
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Top 5 Hardest Questions

#1 - Deportation of Acadians is also known as

  The Great Deportation
  the Great Departure
  the Great Upheaval
  The Great Turmoil

#2 - Who were the commanders of the British and French armies at the battle of the Plains of Abraham?

  Brigadier James Wolfe and Count Frontenac
  Lieutenant Coronel John Graves Simcoe and Pierre LeMoyne
  Sir Guy Carleton and the Marquis de Montcalm
  Brigadier James Wolfe and the Marquis de Montcalm

#3 - Donald Smith (Lord Strathcona)

  led an uprising that seized Fort Garry in 1869
  was director of the Canadian Pacific Railway
  was the first French-Canadian Prime Minister
  became Canada's greatest soldier

#4 - Who was the founder of women's suffrage movement in Canada?

  Mary Ann (Shadd) Carey
  Norah Michener
  Dr. Emily Stowe
  Chantal Petitclerc

#5 - Which country was liberated by the Canadian Army in the 1944 - 1945?

  the Netherlands

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January 21st, 2013 5:01 PM
jose francisco Dominican Republic flag
yes im agree about the Canadian citizenship test, cause at the same time help us to know about Canada.. about the culture,the pe0ple, religion,and the history...thanks!!!

November 23rd, 2012 8:20 PM
RS Iraq flag
I think there is a misunderstanding about the meaning of word ,Sovereign, by Khan,please do not mix with matters , translation from language to another makes this terrible mistakes, I am muslim and I understand what is god mean so plz be sure next time when u write something, yes the Sovereign is her majesty ,the Qeen, this is right ,

November 22nd, 2012 5:51 PM
Liz American Samoa flag
Wow! You people are such small hearted, we should be proud that people are immigrating to our counrty and afraid of god, he can take away whenever , what he has granted to you but people like you take it for granted, sad...

November 7th, 2012 7:11 PM
Volodymyr Ukraine flag
The real test is how you as immigrant behave in Canada. You do not want to work hard - you live You do not want to to adapt Canadian culture - you live You do not recognize Canadian values - you live home you abuse the system -> back home I don't think other test is necessary