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The Feeling of Passing the Canadian Citizenship Test

Tests are often surrounded by a major sense of anxiety or worry for test-takers who are unsure of their abilities, or when a particular test holds special meaning, and the Canadian citizenship test can often bring up such thoughts and feelings among immigrants hoping to become Canadians. As with other types of tests, however, it’s possible to approach the Canadian citizenship test with skill, agility, and determination when test-takers use a preparatory program online or locally to participate in question and answer drills and take practice exams. The negative feelings surrounding the test must be controlled and contained by immigrants in order to prevent a breakdown or an episode that leads to a poor result, but there are also many positive emotions associated with the exam, and test-takers can look forward to experiencing these great highs when they put honest work and effort into their test preparation.
Confidence is often reported as a central and positive experience for those who take the test, though people who give due consideration to preparation aforehand are likely to experience this confidence as well. After the test has been passed, new citizens can feel confident in their ability to integrate with Canadian society and enjoy a happy and prosperous life in the country. After all, passing the test, completing a citizenship interview, and attending a citizenship ceremony signifies that the country itself is confident in a new citizen’s ability and potential, and this can be a significantly warm and welcoming feeling.
Personal accomplishment is also, naturally, a large part of the positive feeling of passing the Canadian citizenship test. Though recent immigrants are likely to have faced greater challenges in the past, successfully completing the test is a tribute to individual effort and commitment, and should be celebrated as something positive and meaningful done for oneself. Aside from attending a citizenship ceremony, recent immigrants may wish to throw themselves a small party or celebrate in their own personal way to mark the occasion. Canadians are likely to look back on the date of their passing of the test with fond memories no matter how they choose to celebrate the day, and this sense of accomplishment should retained and enjoyed throughout life in the country.
The specific ways in which different people experience the Canadian citizenship test and their own successful completion of it vary widely, with some taking the event more seriously than others, and some feeling more relieved or excited. No matter the particular depth and range of emotions that are felt, however, those who pass are sure to feel a positive response within themselves, as well as from their peers. The first step of many on a great journey towards benefiting from and contributing to Canada, passing the Canadian citizenship test is a critical and special moment for all of those who choose Canada as their new permanent place to call home.


  • Charlt and the chocolate Factory June 19, 2010 at 11:40 am

    When I passed my test i felt like a fresh breeze of air cleaned my past. I moved to Canada after a series of horrible events on my homeland. I’m from Peru, a place where even if you come from grad school you aren’t more than the guy that washes windshield in the street.
    Coming to Canada gave me the hope I needed. I applied for citizenship just to differentiate my present self from my own past. It was a great moment.

  • MIyuki June 27, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    I had almost the same experience as Charlt had.

    Passing the test evokes all the efforts put to the same goal, become a Canadian citizen. it is the manifestation of pure effort.

  • Orgullis July 29, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    I totally agreed with all that has been said. I took the test a couple of days ago and I really considered myself luckiest person in the world. I felt really proud of all the effort put into this. Congrats to all that have passed the test!!!


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