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The Benefits of Applying for Canadian Citizenship

Venturing to Canada as an immigrant is one of the most exciting lifetime experiences reported by many people who land on the nation’s shores or in its major cities and begin to seek out a new life establishment. Home to a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life, Canada has largely been settled by people from even the most remote places in the world in recent years, allowing the country to take on the positive characteristics of multi-culturalism. There are many benefits associated with visiting Canada, from the scores of natural wonders that allow for soul-soothing treks in the wilderness and incredible photo opportunities to the fun bustle of life in the main cities of each province and well beyond. Those who stay in Canada on a short-term visa are likely to find many reasons to want to stay, and whether the intention was simply to travel for a while or to look for a new potential home, many people decide to plant themselves in Canada’ soil. One of the best ways to grow well once in this soil, of course, is to apply for Canadian citizenship.
If visiting Canada is distinguished for its many opportunities and incentives, becoming a citizen of the country is still more attractive for the range of possibilities it opens to those who apply and successfully complete the process. A large number of immigrants who opt to apply for citizenship are primarily interested in obtaining the right to work, though citizenship can offer more than the simple ability to find and secure a job. Various work benefits that may not be available to short-term visitors or to those without legal status in the country can be obtained by new citizens, allowing them to enjoy better health and prosperity, and potentially to help save for their retirement and add to the well-being of their families. In case work is difficult to find or other issues become pressing, citizens can rely on Canada to help direct and guide them with social programs and opportunities that aren’t often available for others.
Some of the greatest benefits of applying for Canadian citizenship rest not with specific allowances or perks granted by the state itself, but instead with personal satisfaction and peace. Making the decision to become a Canadian citizen can be stressful, and some immigrants may worry that their choice will have negative consequences for their sense of identity and their connections to a former country of residence. Such personal issues shouldn’t stand in the way of personal success, however, especially given the ability of Canadian citizens originally from other lands to bring their stories and traditions along with them in a welcoming environment. Through applying for Canadian citizenship, immigrants can expect to find a great sense of personal accomplishment, which is a major component of the many benefits to be obtained when the test is over and the application has been completed.


  • Zahir August 23, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    I love Canada, I came from Bangladesh and life here is completely different. It’s so much peaceful!!!

  • JumpinTerrace August 25, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    Like it. It is true that Canada holds peace. The landscape the people, the food.
    You would be surprised how the food people feeds on dictates the cultural difference sometimes. The experience comes from all the fields.

  • DJTambor August 30, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    I like the idea. In some Canadian little towns the possibilities are shorter. People is more reserved

  • Siren August 30, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Thanks for the article!

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