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The Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian Citizenship Test and the Inspiration to Return to Studies

Sometimes, approaching a test as an adult can seem like an unwelcome return to one’s day spent in school, when testing was a common and possibly unpleasant experience. Whether greeted with anticipation or dread, however, the Canadian citizenship test is an exam that can hold a great deal of meaning for test-takers, as it represents […]

Candidates for Citizenship Worried Over Voter Cards

Candidates for Citizenship Worried Over Voter Cards

As you may well know only Canadian citizens are able to vote in federal elections. Voting is one of the core democratic rights that come with the Canadian citizenship and is a responsibility. Voting illegally results in a criminal charge and a possible conviction for the perpetrator. Surprise stroke Helene Darnet when she found a […]

Canada Finally Updates the Citizenship Examination

Learning the Anthem After the Canadian Citizenship Test

Among the many new things to explore and learn when becoming a new citizen of a given country, the national anthem is one of the most important and can also lend a great sense of belonging and national identity to a recent immigrant. Those who journey to Canada in the quest to become a Canadian […]

Worrying Failing Rates in Etobicoke

Worrying Failing Rates in Etobicoke

With the introduction of the new citizenship test in October 14 this year the failing rates all around the Nation had increase in a worrying manner. It is calculated that Canada has 32-35% failing rate in the new citizenship test making the regional office swim in loads of work and citizenship judges interviews in an […]

New Citizenship Test Failure Rates Up in the Sky

The new citizenship Test has been implemented since October 14. This is a change that took almost half a year to hit the test centers and the citizenship application all over Canada. As you may well know the former test based on the much shorter and simpler guide had a 60% passing score which meant […]

Shaping and Being Shaped by Canadian Citizenship

When thinking about citizenship at its meaning within a person’s life, people are likely to consider how such a status can personally affect them. From affording greater opportunities to making travel and other processes a great deal easier, citizenship is typically appreciated for the way in which it influences individual lives. Yet in most parts […]

The Promise of Prosperity and Canadian Citizenship

In many parts of the world, living and working conditions present a continuous and considerable challenge for people regardless of the great amounts of effort and patience they may put into their daily lives. From government policies that restrict personal freedoms to difficult economic situations that make breaking even a constant financial struggle, various systems […]

Discovering the Provinces with the Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian citizenship test is often surrounded by a whirlwind of paperwork, visiting government offices, and taking care of various duties and requirements in a bid to become a Canadian citizen. While the country is being studied in preparation for the test, and after new citizens have begun to establish their new homes, however, Canada’s […]

Accessing Social Services as a Canadian Citizen

As people grow up, they tend to rely on the generosity and guidance of their parents, who provide for basic needs and often do their best to provide for others, as well. Young people may have a difficult time adjusting to life outside of the home, as they find many of their needs and desires […]

Canadian Citizenship and the Right to Vote

Sometimes, people in the modern world can take the issue of voting a little too lightly, forgetting that for thousands of years, most people struggled to find adequate representation in their home countries –or to find any representation at all. Voting has long been an issue for people across a wide variety of countries and […]