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Inspiring Others with Canadian Citizenship Success

Inspiring Others with Canadian Citizenship Success Some of the most personally meaningful accomplishments in life may have consequences that extend well beyond the self, even when achievers don’t notice. Among the many steps in life that can bring considerable challenges and triumphs to individuals, seeking out citizenship status in a new land is rewarding and carries with it a number of associated benefits and incentives. People who set their citizenship sights on Canada and work towards becoming citizens through taking the test, filling out applications, and completing other necessary steps, are able to enjoy living and working in one of the greatest countries on earth if they’re successful –something that’s destined to be seen as a great personal achievement. Yet sometimes, the benefits extend beyond an immigrant-turned-citizen and reach out to inspire and support other people, a phenomenon that often takes place within immigrant communities.

As one of the world’s most attractive countries thanks to its high standard of living, agreeable range of climates, and accommodating government, Canada brings in many people from around the world every year, and as a result is home to a number of immigrant communities. While these communities serve the important purpose of helping to support individual members and allow them to become acquainted with the new country, they do not always encourage the completion of the citizenship application, and sometimes fairly large numbers of immigrants attempt to get by without truly considering the process of becoming Canadian and taking part in the country’s administration and social environment.

Because there are many perks associated with citizenship, from easier access to jobs and staffing services to better benefits and the ability to voice one’s opinion and vote, those who intend to stay in Canada are usually best served by making the choice to pursue citizen status. While taking the Canadian citizenship test and applying for a passport and other important documents may take some time and can be frustrating on occasion (as is the case with most types of paperwork), applicants are able to take advantage of greater opportunities both for themselves and for their families once the process is complete. A deep sense of personal satisfaction is often reported by new citizens when they attend their citizenship ceremony or begin working and living in the country with permanent status, but this psychological reward has shown it isn’t limited to the recipient of the citizenship status alone.

Others within an immigrant community are often inspired by those who take the time and make the effort to become citizens, and when newcomers see the benefits that new citizens are able to enjoy, they’re more likely to feel enthusiastic about becoming a Canadian themselves. In a way, the achievement of Canadian citizenship can be seen as a service not only to the self, but to friends, family members, and the local community, all of whom may directly or indirectly benefit from a single new citizen’s momentous decision.


  • JuanPablo Moyano October 26, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    It is hard to get to the citizenship point. waiting three years is just the half of the job. first you need a pr and then wait and then the citizenship test. No wonder why that many people does not go on with it.

  • Ariadna November 11, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    What is this really about? Inspiration? or why people do not seek citizenship once getting a PR?

    I would write something about that, which is way more interesting.

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