Citizenship in the Newspaper

Citizenship in the Newspaper

Citizenship in the NewspaperI was reading the newspaper this morning and it was completely clear to me how Canadian citizenship is part of our every day life. It is something we all enjoy every single day but don’t realize, the truth is that we breath, walk, dream Canadian while others just longer and longer to get here. It really doesn’t matter how much you like your town or your country, how much snow there was this winter, and we all know a lot this year, being Canadian is such a pleasure. We oftentimes have to see the US mocking of our culture, but believe me when I say it is just envy.

One of the articles I was reviewing this morning was the realization from a reporter about how Canadian way f life modifies people to the point that they become more Canadians than actual Canuk. An Argentine Family invites this reporter to witness their citizenship ceremony at the Ottawa citizenship center. However they know that it will be a hard snowy day and many people may not come. However they still show the relevance of the event by inviting their dear friends to celebrate their achievement, they are finally Canadians. The reporter is amazed by the fact that his friend, as every one of us, underestimates the snow and goes to the center on foot against all odds instead of rescheduling the ceremony. A truly Canadian example he says. Is it? Would we do the same on Canadian Day?

In the other hand a very sad story. Miss Jacky Scott, 65, being denied citizenship because of a silly law from 1947 which states that children of Canadian soldiers stationed overseas are chatter of their foreign mothers and not their veteran fathers if the children where born out of wedlock before 1947. She lived in Canada since the age of two and her parents married in Canada right after they moved in. All started when Jacky went to renew her passport and she couldn’t proof her citizenship. Being the only one in the family who is not Canadian Jacky is stripped from her pension, extension of the social care and so on. Makes me realize how important is to be Canadian and be able to demonstrate that state.

I imagine myself at 50 and not beig able to find my birth certificate. After paying taxes, working and contributing to new canadians most of my life. Not being able the access all the benefits of being Canadian, being forced to start a Naturalization process, not being a Permanent resident. Restarting the application over and over again since my papers cannot be found. Nightmare.

Bottom line, Canadian citizenship is something we enjoy every day and we really didn’t know it is there. We use it, breath it and rely on it from the very start of our lives without any doubt is ours. Its a living being that qualify us as and makes us who we are. Can’t imagine living without it. Just a thought out of the air.

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  • lynch February 16, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    we should all be careful when reading newspaper cause most of the time their articles have a particular purpose. in regards to citizenship, some newspapers try to encourage immigration while others just want to get rid of the immigrants and write scary articles

  • carlitos February 19, 2011 at 6:07 am

    not recognizing the importance of something so basic as citizenship is so typical for a human being so don’t feel weird about it

  • juni February 21, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    i lived here for 10 years and in a couple of weeks i’m having my citizenship test…now that i read this article i got afraid that i’m not gonna pass :( juni

  • fernando February 22, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    juni, don’t worry about the citizenship test, if it’s true that u lived here for many years you won’t find any issues answering all the questions u will be asked on the test…so practice and go for it!!!

  • macarena February 25, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    i’ve been living on Vancouver for almost 20 years and i cannot become british citizen just because “some papers” are not “legal” for Canada…i find that absurd and in a way discriminative

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