Test Canada Re-Launches

Test Canada Re-Launches the Training Packages

At TestCanada.com we are happy to announce the re-launch of our Training packages with a more accessible price and format new features for our customers. We are moving to a three options package to address your needs. It is known to us that many of our customers purchase our package to round up the study […]

Discover Canada team receives a Public Service

Discover Canada team receives a Public Service Award of Excellence

Canada’s citizenship guide, which helps newcomers prepare for the citizenship test and informs Canadians about their rights and responsibilities, had not been revised since 1995. The job assigned to the Discover Canada Citizenship Guide Team was immense. How do you accurately reflect Canadian values and expectations of citizenship? How do you decide what key events […]

How long will it take until I get invited to the Canadian

How long will it take until I get invited to the Canadian Citizenship Test ?

TestCanada.com has published a new tool: a calculator of your approximate waiting time from the moment of application until the citizenship oath. It is based on the official information provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, as well as on the information provided to us by our users. TestCanada.com has been offering online training for the […]

The Feeling of Passing the Canadian Citizenship Test

Tests are often surrounded by a major sense of anxiety or worry for test-takers who are unsure of their abilities, or when a particular test holds special meaning, and the Canadian citizenship test can often bring up such thoughts and feelings among immigrants hoping to become Canadians. As with other types of tests, however, it’s […]

How the Canadian Citizenship Test Changes Lives

Usually, a test is something that’s taken at the end of a learning period, and people hold little significance for the exam other than its ability to bestow a passing grade on the test-taker. But in some instances, tests can hold much greater meaning, and those that have to do with major life changes and […]