Citizenship Rights

Citizenship in the Newspaper

Citizenship in the Newspaper

I was reading the newspaper this morning and it was completely clear to me how Canadian citizenship is part of our every day life. It is something we all enjoy every single day but don’t realize, the truth is that we breath, walk, dream Canadian while others just longer and longer to get here. It […]

Candidates for Citizenship Worried Over Voter Cards

Candidates for Citizenship Worried Over Voter Cards

As you may well know only Canadian citizens are able to vote in federal elections. Voting is one of the core democratic rights that come with the Canadian citizenship and is a responsibility. Voting illegally results in a criminal charge and a possible conviction for the perpetrator. Surprise stroke Helene Darnet when she found a […]

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be helping LGBT Refugees

The minister of citizenship and immigration Jason Kenney announced a pilot where Canada will be assisting LGBT refugees persecuted in their home countries. In association with the Rainbow Refugee Committee, Canada will be sponsoring refugees from all over the globe. Kenney stated that immigration and citizenship department will be directing $100,000 CAD in assistance to […]

Worrying Failing Rates in Etobicoke

Canada Recognized by it’s Immigrant Integration Approach

Canada has been congratulated by the MIPEX (Migration Integration Policy Index) as one of the top 10 countries that reaches out to help integration to their immigrants. The MIPEX analyzes Canadian resources to assist new residents and citizens in comparison to other 31 European and North American countries. MIPEX is a consultant company dedicated to […]

The Promise of Prosperity and Canadian Citizenship

In many parts of the world, living and working conditions present a continuous and considerable challenge for people regardless of the great amounts of effort and patience they may put into their daily lives. From government policies that restrict personal freedoms to difficult economic situations that make breaking even a constant financial struggle, various systems […]

Apply for Canadian Citizenship and be Represented

In parts of the world where representative governments have been in place for a considerable amount of time, the luxury and functionality of such representation is often taken for granted. People may feel especially entitled to having their voices and opinions heard and understood by elected or appointed officials, and may become angry or even […]

The Role of Canadian Citizenship Among Neighbors

Citizenship in any nation is largely something that focuses its importance and benefits to individuals on a personal level, though there are some social aspects to be explored, as well. Though the world is largely becoming more open to and accepting of people from different parts of the globe, there are still many tensions that […]

Accessing Social Services as a Canadian Citizen

As people grow up, they tend to rely on the generosity and guidance of their parents, who provide for basic needs and often do their best to provide for others, as well. Young people may have a difficult time adjusting to life outside of the home, as they find many of their needs and desires […]

Canadian Citizenship and the Right to Vote

Sometimes, people in the modern world can take the issue of voting a little too lightly, forgetting that for thousands of years, most people struggled to find adequate representation in their home countries –or to find any representation at all. Voting has long been an issue for people across a wide variety of countries and […]

Marrying as an Established Canadian Citizen

No matter one’s country of residence, there are typically a number of ways in which citizens can get involved with the community at large and bring their own personality aspects and personal pasts to the substance of the nation. In Canada, opportunities for citizens to take part in social and political life abound, and joining […]