Canadian Test

Questions For The Citizenship Test

Questions For The Citizenship Test

It is not always easy for immigrants when it comes to answering the questions that are included in the citizenship test.  There are some people that take this test very seriously and they go on to pass it and become citizens of Canada however there is other people who don’t take it seriously and fail. […]

The Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian Citizenship Test and the Inspiration to Return to Studies

Sometimes, approaching a test as an adult can seem like an unwelcome return to one’s day spent in school, when testing was a common and possibly unpleasant experience. Whether greeted with anticipation or dread, however, the Canadian citizenship test is an exam that can hold a great deal of meaning for test-takers, as it represents […]

10 Most Common Mistakes on the Canadian citizenship test

10 Most Common Mistakes on the Canadian citizenship test

When facing the Canadian citizenship test candidates are suitable to make a number of mistakes that could modify the final outcome of the examination. In our studies we have categorized 10 most common mistakes candidates do. Canada is a constitutional Monarchy : Canada has a Queen and a Prime minister so there is no absolute monarchy. Queen […]


Community-driven training program for the Canadian citizenship test

All TestCanada users are asked to provide feedback at the end of their training. We examine your comments with great care, and endeavor to implement whatever improvements our users suggest. Nevertheless, we were looking for an additional way to obtain community feedback for our question bank. TestCanada is now working in association with TestGram, which […]

Changes to the Citizenship Test

Changes to the Citizenship Test and the Discover Canada Guide

The citizenship test is about to change ones more. As many of you may remember the last mayor change to the test was back in 2009 with the implementation of the actual study guide Discover Canada. However the changes to the citizenship test where applied much later than that in October 2008 with the abolition […]

Exploring Immigrant Communities After the Canadian Citizenship Test

Whenever immigrants travel to a new land and begin the process of settling in with a new home, a job, and other important considerations, integrating with the community and gaining a true sense of belonging can be difficult. In countries that embrace immigration and encourage immigrants to become citizens, however, this issue can be greatly […]

Inspiring Others with Canadian Citizenship Success

Some of the most personally meaningful accomplishments in life may have consequences that extend well beyond the self, even when achievers don’t notice. Among the many steps in life that can bring considerable challenges and triumphs to individuals, seeking out citizenship status in a new land is rewarding and carries with it a number of […]

Discovering the Provinces with the Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian citizenship test is often surrounded by a whirlwind of paperwork, visiting government offices, and taking care of various duties and requirements in a bid to become a Canadian citizen. While the country is being studied in preparation for the test, and after new citizens have begun to establish their new homes, however, Canada’s […]

Am I Canadian Now? Identity and the Canadian Citizenship Test

When approaching the process of becoming a new citizen of any country, immigrants are likely to be faced with a number of personal issues, some of which may seem more pressing than others. One of the most important and widespread concerns with which immigrants interact as they take exams, fill out paperwork, and settle into […]