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Historic Citizenship Award Ceremony in Canada

Historic Citizenship Award Ceremony in Canada

Planed for Saturday, June 25th, the citizenship and immigration Canada along with the Musqueam Indian Band will be holding an historic citizenship award ceremony in the Musqueam Indian lands. Never seen before in Canada an Indian reservoir intends to reach out to new immigrants and share Canadian pride from its very origin. New citizens will […]

Worrying Failing Rates in Etobicoke

Canada Recognized by it’s Immigrant Integration Approach

Canada has been congratulated by the MIPEX (Migration Integration Policy Index) as one of the top 10 countries that reaches out to help integration to their immigrants. The MIPEX analyzes Canadian resources to assist new residents and citizens in comparison to other 31 European and North American countries. MIPEX is a consultant company dedicated to […]

Canada Finally Updates the Citizenship Examination

Learning the Anthem After the Canadian Citizenship Test

Among the many new things to explore and learn when becoming a new citizen of a given country, the national anthem is one of the most important and can also lend a great sense of belonging and national identity to a recent immigrant. Those who journey to Canada in the quest to become a Canadian […]

Shaping and Being Shaped by Canadian Citizenship

When thinking about citizenship at its meaning within a person’s life, people are likely to consider how such a status can personally affect them. From affording greater opportunities to making travel and other processes a great deal easier, citizenship is typically appreciated for the way in which it influences individual lives. Yet in most parts […]

The Promise of Prosperity and Canadian Citizenship

In many parts of the world, living and working conditions present a continuous and considerable challenge for people regardless of the great amounts of effort and patience they may put into their daily lives. From government policies that restrict personal freedoms to difficult economic situations that make breaking even a constant financial struggle, various systems […]

Putting in the Work to be a Canadian Citizen

Applying for citizenship in any country carries with it numerous challenges that may touch upon both logistical and personal issues. In Canada, immigrants are often encouraged to seek citizenship and add their own backgrounds and beliefs to the great mixture that has helped to make Canada the country it is today. Many Canadian citizens are […]

The Role of Canadian Citizenship Among Neighbors

Citizenship in any nation is largely something that focuses its importance and benefits to individuals on a personal level, though there are some social aspects to be explored, as well. Though the world is largely becoming more open to and accepting of people from different parts of the globe, there are still many tensions that […]

Marrying as an Established Canadian Citizen

No matter one’s country of residence, there are typically a number of ways in which citizens can get involved with the community at large and bring their own personality aspects and personal pasts to the substance of the nation. In Canada, opportunities for citizens to take part in social and political life abound, and joining […]

Getting to Know Canadians as a New Citizen

In the presence of new people with distinct traditions and stories to tell, travelers and immigrants are likely to have a great deal to take in and consider. From new religious beliefs or languages to different cuisine choices and other daily elements, new places carry with them a number of new experiences, and the people […]

Why Some Immigrants Fear the Canadian Citizenship Application

Canada is a nation that lures many people from all over the globe to its borders and shores each year, and a significant number of people decide to stay in the country –or may even plan on moving to a selected province without having ever visited it personally. Home to a large number of immigrants, […]