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The Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian Citizenship Test and the Inspiration to Return to Studies

Sometimes, approaching a test as an adult can seem like an unwelcome return to one’s day spent in school, when testing was a common and possibly unpleasant experience. Whether greeted with anticipation or dread, however, the Canadian citizenship test is an exam that can hold a great deal of meaning for test-takers, as it represents […]

Citizenship in the Newspaper

Citizenship in the Newspaper

I was reading the newspaper this morning and it was completely clear to me how Canadian citizenship is part of our every day life. It is something we all enjoy every single day but don’t realize, the truth is that we breath, walk, dream Canadian while others just longer and longer to get here. It […]

Candidates for Citizenship Worried Over Voter Cards

Candidates for Citizenship Worried Over Voter Cards

As you may well know only Canadian citizens are able to vote in federal elections. Voting is one of the core democratic rights that come with the Canadian citizenship and is a responsibility. Voting illegally results in a criminal charge and a possible conviction for the perpetrator. Surprise stroke Helene Darnet when she found a […]

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be helping LGBT Refugees

The minister of citizenship and immigration Jason Kenney announced a pilot where Canada will be assisting LGBT refugees persecuted in their home countries. In association with the Rainbow Refugee Committee, Canada will be sponsoring refugees from all over the globe. Kenney stated that immigration and citizenship department will be directing $100,000 CAD in assistance to […]

Test Canada Re-Launches

Test Canada Re-Launches the Training Packages

At we are happy to announce the re-launch of our Training packages with a more accessible price and format new features for our customers. We are moving to a three options package to address your needs. It is known to us that many of our customers purchase our package to round up the study […]

Discover Canada team receives a Public Service

Discover Canada team receives a Public Service Award of Excellence

Canada’s citizenship guide, which helps newcomers prepare for the citizenship test and informs Canadians about their rights and responsibilities, had not been revised since 1995. The job assigned to the Discover Canada Citizenship Guide Team was immense. How do you accurately reflect Canadian values and expectations of citizenship? How do you decide what key events […]

10 Most Common Mistakes on the Canadian citizenship test

10 Most Common Mistakes on the Canadian citizenship test

When facing the Canadian citizenship test candidates are suitable to make a number of mistakes that could modify the final outcome of the examination. In our studies we have categorized 10 most common mistakes candidates do. Canada is a constitutional Monarchy : Canada has a Queen and a Prime minister so there is no absolute monarchy. Queen […]


Community-driven training program for the Canadian citizenship test

All TestCanada users are asked to provide feedback at the end of their training. We examine your comments with great care, and endeavor to implement whatever improvements our users suggest. Nevertheless, we were looking for an additional way to obtain community feedback for our question bank. TestCanada is now working in association with TestGram, which […]

How long will it take until I get invited to the Canadian

How long will it take until I get invited to the Canadian Citizenship Test ? has published a new tool: a calculator of your approximate waiting time from the moment of application until the citizenship oath. It is based on the official information provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, as well as on the information provided to us by our users. has been offering online training for the […]

Historic Citizenship Award Ceremony in Canada

Historic Citizenship Award Ceremony in Canada

Planed for Saturday, June 25th, the citizenship and immigration Canada along with the Musqueam Indian Band will be holding an historic citizenship award ceremony in the Musqueam Indian lands. Never seen before in Canada an Indian reservoir intends to reach out to new immigrants and share Canadian pride from its very origin. New citizens will […]