Monthly Archives: October 2010

Inspiring Others with Canadian Citizenship Success

Some of the most personally meaningful accomplishments in life may have consequences that extend well beyond the self, even when achievers don’t notice. Among the many steps in life that can bring considerable challenges and triumphs to individuals, seeking out citizenship status in a new land is rewarding and carries with it a number of […]

Apply for Canadian Citizenship and be Represented

In parts of the world where representative governments have been in place for a considerable amount of time, the luxury and functionality of such representation is often taken for granted. People may feel especially entitled to having their voices and opinions heard and understood by elected or appointed officials, and may become angry or even […]

Putting in the Work to be a Canadian Citizen

Applying for citizenship in any country carries with it numerous challenges that may touch upon both logistical and personal issues. In Canada, immigrants are often encouraged to seek citizenship and add their own backgrounds and beliefs to the great mixture that has helped to make Canada the country it is today. Many Canadian citizens are […]

Discovering the Provinces with the Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian citizenship test is often surrounded by a whirlwind of paperwork, visiting government offices, and taking care of various duties and requirements in a bid to become a Canadian citizen. While the country is being studied in preparation for the test, and after new citizens have begun to establish their new homes, however, Canada’s […]