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Marrying as an Established Canadian Citizen

No matter one’s country of residence, there are typically a number of ways in which citizens can get involved with the community at large and bring their own personality aspects and personal pasts to the substance of the nation. In Canada, opportunities for citizens to take part in social and political life abound, and joining […]

The Benefits of Applying for Canadian Citizenship

Venturing to Canada as an immigrant is one of the most exciting lifetime experiences reported by many people who land on the nation’s shores or in its major cities and begin to seek out a new life establishment. Home to a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life, Canada has largely been settled by […]

Getting to Know Canadians as a New Citizen

In the presence of new people with distinct traditions and stories to tell, travelers and immigrants are likely to have a great deal to take in and consider. From new religious beliefs or languages to different cuisine choices and other daily elements, new places carry with them a number of new experiences, and the people […]

Why Some Immigrants Fear the Canadian Citizenship Application

Canada is a nation that lures many people from all over the globe to its borders and shores each year, and a significant number of people decide to stay in the country –or may even plan on moving to a selected province without having ever visited it personally. Home to a large number of immigrants, […]

Canadian Community Views on the Necessity of Citizenship

If one were to pick any country in the world randomly and ask a sample of its people about their views on citizenship and immigration, the answers would likely not be especially predictable, as the specific policies and attitudes towards such groups vary greatly from one country to the next. In most Western countries, however, […]