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The Citizenship Test – Canada’s Toolbox

First of all we need to establish what immigration really means for a country like Canada who opened the immigration traffic back in 1960 with the skilled worker program. As you can guess that very first intent was to regulate the quality of immigrant that got to establish their business in the country. By sorting […]

Inspired by Canadian Citizenship Test

Some might think this is a wild idea but for some the Canadian citizenship test was a source of inspiration and a business. The Canadian citizenship test provides a rich pool of information to the person studying for the test. In a way Discover Canada guide gives the reader Canadian people interest and cultural inclinations. […]

The Miracle Of a Nice Coup of Coffee

Every morning is a new adventure. Is the magical hour of the day, when your eyes are dancing in their sleep and your ideas maintain those cloudy thoughts of morpheus shapes. Our movements are almost mechanical at that hour, 7 AM is like a bliss. There is no better way to face the Canadian citizenship […]

Merging Personal and Canadian Values

People who travel frequently are likely to be familiar with the concept of “culture shock” –the experience of finding out how differently people live and realizing that one’s own experiences and way of life is not necessarily representative of others’. For many people, cultures shock is a positive thing, able to lend insight and understanding […]

Canada’s Citizenship Melting Pot

In some parts of the world, nations have existed for so many years that they’ve created an unmistakable and distinct culture and national identity. Visiting such countries can be thrilling, as the experience often offers the chance to learn new things about settled and established people, many of whom may be well-versed in folklore or […]

Canadian Citizenship Test: Not an impossible task

The Canadian citizenship test is one of the last steps to become a Canadian citizen. Most of the applicants are looking for naturalization after they fulfill the residency requirements inside Canada. The naturalization application is one of the most popular among immigrants, and is actually one of the bets measurements to certify that Canada is […]