Monthly Archives: June 2010

Taking up New Traditions After the Canadian Citizenship Test

When recent immigrants arrive in Canada and go through the process of becoming permanent residents through taking the Canadian citizenship test, there are a large number of tasks and challenges that await them, some of which may be more enjoyable and simple than others. From establishing a new home to finding employment and getting used […]

The Feeling of Passing the Canadian Citizenship Test

Tests are often surrounded by a major sense of anxiety or worry for test-takers who are unsure of their abilities, or when a particular test holds special meaning, and the Canadian citizenship test can often bring up such thoughts and feelings among immigrants hoping to become Canadians. As with other types of tests, however, it’s […]

Trying New Food in Canada After the Canadian Citizenship Test

When thinking about the many exotic and prominent cuisines of the world, those with a taste for the new and intriguing are likely to call to mind the plates and platters of Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and Indian traditions, along with scores of other major culinary groups that have been charming diners around the world for […]