Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Canadian Citizenship Test and the Pioneer Spirit

Immigrants who decide to stay in Canada and spend their lives in the country are likely to experience a wide range of emotions, from fear or intimidation on first arriving to a sense of pride upon passing the Canadian citizenship test. Among the many thoughts and feelings that are likely to go through a new […]

How the Canadian Citizenship Test Changes Lives

Usually, a test is something that’s taken at the end of a learning period, and people hold little significance for the exam other than its ability to bestow a passing grade on the test-taker. But in some instances, tests can hold much greater meaning, and those that have to do with major life changes and […]

Creating a Home After Passing the Canadian Citizenship Test

The concept of a home is something that is so central to most people’s lives, they may not ever stop to truly think about what their home means or how they’d feel if they decided to change it. Yet the idea of home is reconsidered and evaluated by every immigrant who makes the choice to […]