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Can a Citizenship Test Teach People What it Means to Be Canadian?

National identity is something that has helped to create, support, and destroy many ideologies and movements over the past few centuries, and concepst surrounding the meaning of being a citizen of a given country are complex and rich with history and culture. Certainly, it can be an uplifting experience to feel as though one is […]

Choosing the Perfect Study Aids for the Canadian Citizenship Test

Modern methodologies in test taking have come a long way with the advent of today’s technology, and there are several convenient options available for test takers to get an increased understanding of their material in a fraction of the time traditionally devoted to preparation. Taking advantage of these tools is often as simple as visiting […]

Top Three Tips for Quickly Improving Canadian Citizenship Test Scores

The Canadian citizenship test is an exam that holds different meanings and import for different people. To some, the test may simply be an administrative task that’s necessary in order to acquire some piece of documentation or special privilege. To others, the citizenship test encompasses a much more important part of Canadian life, holding the […]